Weekend Retreats

The Overnight Encounter Day provides youth with a more intense Encounter Day experience by taking them out of their regular environment and helping them to think seriously about their relationship with God. They will hear powerful talks that will present them with the message of Jesus Christ and how to live as a Christian. These talks will include teachings on how to pray, why the sacraments are important, the necessity of Christian friends, getting involved in serving the community, and making a daily decision to follow Jesus. In addition, Overnight Encounter Days provide young people with more individual time with other participants and with the team.

The host parish is responsible for arranging for the meals and lodging needed for these Encounter Days. If beds are not available, have the participants bring sleeping bags to sleep on the floor or consider having the participants return home for the night. The host parish will also need to contact a priest to be available for the weekend Liturgy. Overnight Encounter Days a can be scheduled during the week or on weekends.



In society today, we are told that the purpose of life is to get what we want, and then we will be happy. So, we are constantly trying to fill our lives with things of this world: money, fame, success etc. But what happens once we achieve all that? What are we left with? As children of God we will never be satisfied until we know Him personally, until we are seeking and doing His will. God’s plan for us, no matter how simple, is great! He is calling each of us to a specific path that will bring us joy and fulfillment. But how do we hear Him? How do we know what to do and where to go, and how do we have the strength to do it?


Involves different themes spread throughout the Encounter Day (Jesus Who?!, The Search, The Greater Mercy, Homecoming, and Men’s & Women’s Session) For more information please contact the Scheduling Coordinator at the office 1(877)521-4426.