Mature Students / Youth Groups


In today’s world, one of the great qualities of God that youth yearn for is love, and what would love be without mercy? Through exploring the story of the Prodigal Son, and real life examples, retreatants will get a better understanding of the difference between love, justice and mercy, and how inter-dependent they are, and how to live this mercy out in their everyday lives. What is this great mercy? Is it simple forgiveness, or does it go further than that; to the point of Jesus giving His very life for the forgiveness of our sins? This theme will provoke a deep understanding of how anxious God is for one’s soul, and how no cost is too high for God if it means one’s salvation.



Today when any religion seems to be the "right one", why choose to be Catholic? Students will discover the unique treasures of Catholicism implemented by Christ himself. Jesus invites us to encounter Him through His church, where He unites us as one and brings our life with Him ALIVE!