Grades 8 - 12



Today’s youth are constantly searching for happiness, whether it be in the sports that they play, the friends that they hang out with, or the people that they date. What they don’t realize is that they are looking in the wrong places. Our relationship with God is the only thing that can truly fulfill us and when we put other things ahead of God we are led into sin and are left feeling unsatisfied. We need to stop trying to fill our lives with things of this world and turn to God; for it is only in Him that we are truly satisfied.



New and Exciting

Our world has been influenced by many people who have gone before us. Martin Luther King had a dream and from that equal rights was born. Terry Fox was determined not to let his cancer trump his passion for life and so he ran for cancer awareness. Jesus Christ came to die for the salvation of the world and from that 2 billion people call themselves Christians today. In a world that tries to wipe out Jesus’ relevance, how can we begin to understand the magnitude of His sacrifice in our day-to-day lives?


Who is Jesus in today’s society and what does He have to offer? What do we fill our schedules with on a daily basis? Why not make time for Jesus? Having a relationship with Jesus offers love, hope and freedom. Find out how to apply this to your everyday life and fit Jesus into your busy schedule