How Much Does it Cost?

Type of Event 0-60 60-120
Encounter Day up to 6 hours $700.00 $800.00
Encounter Day of 6 to 12 hours $850.00 $950.00
Evening Event $500.00 $575.00
1 Night Overnight Encounter $950.00 N/A
2 Night Overnight Encounter $1050.00 N/A
Musicians Training — 6 to 12 hrs $800.00 N/A
Musicians Training Overnight $1150.00 N/A
Youth Rally $550.00 $550.00

For more information on pricing and billing processes please email .

Our policy here at NET Ministries is to never allow a parish/school’s financial situation to prevent them from hosting a NET Encounter event. If a parish/school truly cannot afford the full cost of an Encounter event and has already explored other avenues of funding, we will work with them to adjust the fees accordingly. Please feel free to contact our Retreat Ministry Coordinator, Mike Travo, at the office for any questions regarding pricing. 1-877-521-4426