Someone once told me that as humans, we are good at discernment, but not so good at deciding.  In other words, we’re good at weighing the pro and the cons, but we’re not so good at making a choice and sticking to it.  To be completely honest, I’ve never really liked the word “discernment.” I never really understood what it meant or how to do it.  Recently, I have discovered the true definition of discernment in a way I finally understand! Simply put, discernment is the decision-making process of aligning God’s will with our own; it’s discovering how God is calling us to live our lives.  Now in saying that, you can’t discern whether to eat a hotdog or a hamburger, but you can discern between an English degree or a Science degree. Discernment should be used for life-impacting decisions like what to do after high school or whether or not to get married.  Here are a few things that I’ve found helpful along my own discernment journeys:

Working in the diocese of Keewatin-Le Pas, I’ve been so blessed to receive so much more than I feel I’ve given. Every one to two weeks, we travel to a new community and work with the Indigenous people there. We do many different things, but something we love doing wherever we go is an evening of Eucharistic Adoration and healing.

People have always said, surround yourself with people you want to be like. For a while (or at least for the most part) I felt like I did. I associated myself with ambitious hard workers and constantly strived for perfection. What I didn’t take into account is how supportive my friends would be of my decisions. Growing up was difficult, with not many friends supporting me where I wanted to go, the people I dated, or why I went to church.

Serving as the Team Supervisor for Team 4 is a privilege for many reasons. However, their ministry to Indigenous youth has many unique challenges which make it difficult to supervise them from a distance. While the team is in Northern Manitoba and Saskatchewan, actually immersed in the culture and learning from the people, I try and guide them from Ottawa. At the end of February, the Lord gave me an opportunity to close the distance.

I am definitely not one of those MARVEL fanatics. I like pugs and flowers and cheesy romantic movies, however, my heart was incredibly moved by the movie Captain Marvel.

If there's one aspect of the faith that I've learned the most about in these past two years while serving with NET, it's Trust.

What is trust?

“So…. do you guys sleep in your van?
Do you camp out?
Do you stay in hotels?”

These are common questions NET missionaries get from young people when they see the notorious NET van, or when they find out that missionaries often travel from city to city, or to a new parish community. And of course, the answer is, (thankfully) no!

YES! On every retreat, God heals! In Sault Ste-Marie God was healing the youth. At this retreat as leaders, we were going around praying silently with each of the youth. I placed my hand on the shoulder of a young lady asking God to pour out His blessings upon her and that her heart may be open to the gifts God is giving her. She said that during the prayer she felt my hand move over on her shoulder to the place where she was in pain, and she knew I didn’t move my hand because she felt it in both places. Immediately as she felt the presence of a hand, apart from where mine was, the pain in her shoulder went away. God has healed her of her pain! Thank you, Jesus! So beautiful is our Father’s love and power to heal his children physically! As a result of the prayer time, she shared with me that now she knows that God is real! She was open to God’s gifts of love!

As a NET team we are focused on youth ministry but sometimes the Lord surprises us with different opportunities to minister to people who are not youth. For example, God called our team to minister to His people in an unexpected way in this recent experience during team prayer!

My time serving with NET Canada has been incredible so far. I remember back when I first applied, I was so excited! I spent so much time thinking about where I’d be, who my teammates were going to be and what it would be like living the NET lifestyle. My teammate Maria, on the other hand, was not so excited… she felt the call for the Lord but the thought of doing NET did not excite her. Since NETCanada is accepting 65 missionaries for the 2019-20 mission year, I saw it fitting to share 65 reasons to join NET! Whether you are bursting with excitement, bursting with fear, or have never even considered NET as an option, I hope these reasons shed some light on what NET is really like and help you consider if NET is something for you!