Suppose a musician in an orchestra freely strikes a sour note. The conductor is competent, the music is correctly scored and easy to play, but the musician still exercises his freedom by introducing a discord which immediately passes out into space. The director can do one of two things: he can either order the selection to be replayed, or he can ignore the discord.

It's getting to the point of the year where the end of our mission is in our sights, and often times consuming our thoughts. This has been making it difficult to stay focused on the present and to keep our eyes on why we are here, serving on NET. So at this point in the year, I've been falling short, losing my zeal and energy because I've felt like I've done all that I could do, that we've met all the youth we are going to encounter and that I just have to finish up the last couple months. But I was so wrong!

Our team is back in Ontario until the end of our ministry. To get to the end, we have returned to our beginnings, so to speak. Recently, we did a short afternoon of prison ministry, and my experience was incredible.


La fin de semaine dernière, nous avons eu une messe jeunesse qui a été une très belle expérience. Pour la première fois depuis que nous sommes arrivés en Beauce, le band des jeunes a réussi à jouer la messe en entier sans l'aide de quelqu'un de notre équipe. Je suis restée là dans le banc d'église, comme une maman au soccer encourageant ses enfants ! Je suis tellement fière d'eux et de comment ils ont grandi depuis la première rencontre en tant que groupe. En plus, nous avons eu des jeunes qui ont servi la messe, apporté les dons à l'offertoire, récité les prières universelles, chanté le psaume et fait les lectures! Le groupe de jeunes ici est tellement inspirant et c'était merveilleux de voir toute la messe célébrée avec autant de jeunes impliqués, juste devant mes yeux.

Hey technological world!

The recent weeks have been pretty packed as usual, but have been a huge blessing, especially as we see the end of our mission in Beauce is approaching. We are finishing preparations for our final youth nights and events, masses, Adoration nights and even a talent show/honouring for our host homes!