Team 5 Ministry Update - "Fruits of the Ministry"

WOW!! What a year it has been so far and we still have two more months to go. If I was to use one word to describe the year so far I would say transformative. The thing about this year of mission is that the Lord had brought each one of my team members here together, on this specific team for a reason. I firmly believe that the Lord has planted a seed in each one of us for this mission and to bring others into a relationship with Him. Now being on this year of NET, we have taken this seed and I believe that we have been watering it and tending to that seed, and it is starting to grow. The thing about a mustard seed is that it sometimes is barely perceptible to anyone at the beginning, but it becomes magnificent when it matures. This is how I would explain this year up to now. We, as a team are truly beginning to see our trees blossom. 

In ministry it has been a struggle with starting in person and then having to move all our ministry online, then we were able to open up again for a couple of weeks before we were moved back into lockdown. It’s been crazy and I think that youth are getting a little tired of all this online stuff, but at the same time, it has required us to put in a lot more effort and really nurture those seeds, and the Lord is truly blessing us and those around us in a hundredfold. We have been able to reach out to so many more people being online, people that would not have heard the goodness of the Lord if our ministry was just in person. The youth are searching so much for something deeper than this life has to offer and it has been so incredible being able to journey with them and really dive deeper into their relationships with the Lord. That’s the thing about this year. It has also really showed me that the more things we cannot do or the more things that are taken away from us, the Lord can just work that much more through it all. You give God the little that you have and He will work miracles with it. 

As for team life, it has been truly beautiful. Has it been such a difficult time? Yes! Has there been tears? Yes! Was it worth it all for what we have become as a team? YES! Words cannot begin to describe what we have been through together, but we have all fought hard. We have grown so much as individuals and coming together it has created something beautiful. We truly seek to love each other with our whole hearts and to help each other strive to become living saints.