Team 2 Ministry Update - "Don’t be afraid of more work"

Sometimes when things are too easy, it drains us more than when life is busy.

Our team got to the point where ministry was too easy.  Four days a week we went to our schools, played a video from YDisciple for them, discussed it in small groups, and went home.  Everything was prepared for us, and there was very little creativity or personalization we could do.  As the weeks passed it became repetitive and we all began to feel more tired than when we had been doing more work.

The videos are excellent, and when we asked the youth many said they enjoyed them and were learning from them.  But the fact that we were doing the same thing every day took away from the impact the videos could have.  By the end of February we had watched almost all of them and desperately wanted something new.  Not just a new video series, but a new take on ministry.

So we sat down as a team and brainstormed ideas.  At first we were just compiling a list of things that weren’t connected, and we kept pushing, trying to find something to connect it all.  Slowly but surely, our new plan for ministry came together, and we began to feel a renewed excitement and joy about ministry.  If you read our team’s last update, you’ll know we have been praying for God to bring life into the planning of ministry.  During this session we truly saw tangible fruits of that.  Under God’s guidance, we came up with an approach to ministry that had us presenting content that we could prepare ourselves.  And by His grace, it requires enough work to keep us lively, without overwhelming us.  

We have just started implementing these original sessions and already I am seeing the change, both in the youth and in our team.  We are no longer doing passive ministry.  We are pouring heart into our content, which makes us passionate again about what we are doing.  And by the work we put into it, we intentionally show the youth how much we care about them and want to help them in their relationship with God.

This has helped us to learn a very important lesson in the value of work.  Laziness is draining.  We need to listen to the voice of God in how He wants us to give of our time.  He will never give us more work than we can handle when we rely on His love to strengthen us.