God's Faithfulness

     God's faithfulness for our team has been a common theme throughout the past couple of months. Throughout the pandemic that everyone is facing, God continues to shine His glory, move mountains, and radiate His love throughout our team and those we are ministering to.  God always shows up and I mean always! 

Right when things get tough and hard, He shows up and gives us a miracle, provides in the seen and unseen, brings us a new youth for youth nights, continues to heal each of our hearts, and always remains steadfast in His love for us (and more).  Realizing that having a heart of gratitude for all the Lord is doing throughout our team and ministry has given each of us hope and hearts of trust that the Lord will remain faithful to us while doing His work. Without a doubt, He has done just that.

    I cannot fully count the amount of times God has remained faithful to our team because the number is so grand but there is this one that stands out. During the lockdown, our team had to adjust to the new changes of being online for youth nights.  When it said that God does not call the equipped, He equips the call, these words are so true because without Him and the graces He pours out to us, we would not be where we are today. God equipped us for this change, gave us the strength and the graces to reveal our gifts He has given us to the youth through youth nights online.  Each youth night our team invites new youth to come join us for the night. One of our teammates reached out to this new youth. We were unsure if she would come but our teammate trusted in the Lord and boldly reached out to her.  Right away, the youth responded back and said she would come.  Through God's faithfulness that He promises to provide for His children who trust in Him, God opened this youth’s heart to come and she did.  Yes, God always shows up and remains faithful, but He gives even more than we ask. This youth also invited her friend to come out and shared her heart with us. Now, she is applying to NET to bring youth to Christ. Please pray for her!

   God's faithfulness remains through the highs and lows and He will always show up when our faith is trusting in Him.  Even though this pandemic has brought our world to a place of unease, fear, and doubt, it brings our team to an evermore reason to rely on and trust in God.  God shows up when we are faithful to Him.  Our Lord will provide no matter the circumstance, and He will equip you through anything that comes your way by His grace.