Team 6 Ministry Update - "Heart-warming Ministry"

Hi everyone! 

Renske here from team 6 again, stationed in the beautiful Fraser Valley- East, BC! I am excited to share with you all what has been going on in our ministry over the past weeks! 

As you might know from our last ministry update, we are stationed at the catholic highschool St. John Brebeuf, which we absolutely love! We are still able to go to the school and do face-to-face ministry, which is an ENORMOUS blessing. We continually get to meet new youth and deepen our relationships with the youth we already know. 

As a NET team, we are continually looking for ways to deepen our ministry and to give the youth the best environment possible to grow. So, something we started up recently is weekly small groups, either after school or during lunch, where we come together with a group of youth to talk about faith. It has been amazing to lead these small groups and help the youth grow in their faith and in community. All our small groups are so different and so dear to us.  It warms my heart (and I am certain God’s heart!) when I see the girls of one of my small groups pray over each other, encourage one another and share their lives, beauties, and struggles with each other. 

Outside of the school we regularly get gifted with mission opportunities. Last week, for example, we were praying the rosary in a park close to our house. When we finished the rosary a lady came up to us and asked us if we were Christian. We said yes, and we started talking with her. She classified herself as a non-denominational Christian and she shared her story. When she finished I felt called to give her a rosary bracelet that I put in my jacket just before the rosary. She accepted it. Then we started talking about mother Mary. She didn’t believe in Mary and made sure to tell us so. Then I got to share a bit about mother Mary, why we pray to her, and my personal experience with her. 

This could be the first trigger for her to come home to the Catholic Chrurch! Please pray for her! Whatever will happen, it is all in God’s hands. We just brought all we had to the table, and then stepped out of the way. 

An essential part of our ministry is praying for the ministry. Eventually, it is God who does all the work, we are simply His instruments. I want to ask you to take a short moment right now to pray for our ministry. Thank you, your prayers are so appreciated! 

God bless!

Renske, Team 6.