Team 1 Ministry Update - "Relying on God in the Darkness"

NET Team 1 Update #2

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil — Psalm 23

Whenever I read the Psalm above, I think of darkness, both physically and spiritually. Darkness is typically viewed as a scary thing. Many horror movies and thriller attractions rely on dark atmospheres in order to make an impact. In our faith, darkness too can bring us closer to God. When things look bleak, we need to depend on God even more when facing the trials ahead. 

As the winter months grow colder and longer, so too did my team and I grow in uncertainty about the future of our ministry. I still remember the tension as my team listened to the Alberta government on Faith's phone as he announced new restrictions because of the rapidly increasing Covid cases. We were all very much in the dark on how to carry on with our mission when the premiere said grade 7's and up were now moving to online schooling. How would we continue our retreats? 

In our lives, especially with the world today, we are faced with all sorts of uncertainty. My team and I did not predict our trip to Kamloops, B.C. would be cancelled, or that we would be interacting with grades four to six.  All of us were feeling ambiguous when we found out we would be hosting retreats for younger children. Will the retreats have the same impact?

Despite our doubts, our experience with interacting with the kids taught us a valuable lesson: to rely on God like an innocent child. Yes there were concerns about the number of covid cases increasing, yes there were many schedule changes, yes we had to host retreats with 60 10 to 11-year-olds, but Jesus still carries us through it. He will never push His children away when they are open to his word. 

Many children were moved to tears or said they felt a hand on their shoulder while being prayed over. One child in particular thanked our whole team for the retreat because no one discusses these topics and is trying to convince his mother to receive the sacraments in the Church. When we rely on God to be the centre of our ministry, He also brings out the light in any situation, especially during the darkest of times. 

And now, as we begin our discipleship training, NET Team 1 has completed a total of 50 retreats with 909 youth saying they would like to commit their lives to Christ. Merry Christmas Calgary, and we cannot wait to meet all of you in Whitehorse!