Team 4 Ministry Update - "Keeping up with the Convent, Chapter 2"

Hello Everyone!
I hope this update finds you all happy, healthy, and holy. Some exciting things happened!...

First, we were able to go to Mass for Ash Wednesday! On Ash Wednesday, the diocese of Hamilton opened up the churches again to the public, which means we can now attend daily Mass! Since we work from our parish, with the churches being open again, we are allowed to again work from the parish youth room instead of from our convent. It has been so nice to get out of the convent and see familiar faces at the parish again!

With the lockdown being lifted, we also are now allowed to do in-person ministry again! It is such a blessing to be able to have our Rec Times every week alternating between in-person, and online games. Even more exciting is the fact that we get to resume our weekly Praise and Worship Nights that we would do before lockdown, and we get to resume our Open Office hours every Sunday after the 4:00 Mass. Open Office is a time when the NET Team is in their office to hang out with any young people who decide to come in for snacks or hot chocolate (following regulations with the preparation and the amount of people).

During the lockdown however, we were still having a good time. We spent (and still spend) many hours each week having fun together after we finished our work for the day. It was such a blessing to be living with my team for lockdown. It made every day seem more fun and a little bit easier. 

Overall, Team 4 in Stoney Creek, Ontario has been faring well, and we hope all of you are also faring well!

Thanks for reading!