Team 4 Ministry Update - "Online Ministry"

Team 4 is doing quite well, despite the circumstances of being in a lockdown right now. Team life is looking very different, since we can’t leave our household, except for groceries or the occasional hike. We are very grateful that we can still go for walks around the neighbourhood, as long as we stay 6 feet away from people. Our team spends most of the day together working, or spending good quality time together, and we really enjoy it! We are so grateful for everyone’s prayers for our ministry.

Speaking of which…

Our ministry has now moved entirely online. It wasn’t the easiest in the beginning, figuring out how to move things and change them to make it doable over zoom, but we have a pretty good system going. We have a youth night every Wednesday and a Games night every Thursday over zoom. Due to no in-person ministry, our weekly Open Office hours and Praise and Worship nights have had to be cancelled, but we have started up another important part of ministry. TableTalks.

TableTalks are small groups of youth around the same age group and the same gender that meet each week to discuss their faith, and NET uses a program called Ydisciple that has many great videos on everything from what the Catholic faith is to why we are Catholic. It is an incredible resource to have and its use in our teams’ TableTalks have facilitated many good discussions. It is truly a blessing to be able to minister to youth in this way.