Team 3 Ministry Update - "Building Leadership"

As the 2020 calendar year ended, and our team got ready to head off for Christmas break, we hashed out a grand plan for how we were going to come at the new year in ministry. We really wanted to find ways to connect to the people in the communities - even though many of the roads are literally blocked from access due to the pandemic.

The main focus of our presence here in the diocese as a third year team has been to leave a legacy of leadership behind, as it is NET’s last year as a diocesan team. As we’ve come to realize, our leadership-building ministry CAN work online, and our mission of building leaders in the communities isn’t a distant dream that has to wait until restrictions are lifted and we can physically go there- we can work towards those goals NOW online! It can be easy to forget that God works through many different mediums to reach His people… including the internet!

The first big retreat/workshop we were able to facilitate was a great success! “The leadership workshop” was a two day evening workshop aimed at helping the people who attended (they varied greatly in ages... 18-70+!), an opportunity to ENCOUNTER Christ, and say yes to a personal relationship with Him, and then EQUIP them with the tools they need to lead others to Him. The workshop acted as a great springboard for our small groups, where we will meet bi-weekly and have leadership-focused content, while providing community and connection with others in the groups. 

We have continued our “way of life” as a household here in The Pas, Manitoba. We live in community with our contact person, Jims, the Cathedral Rector, Fr. Shantha, the Vicar General, Fr. Jim, and Archbishop Murray. Praying, playing, and eating together as a community household has been the name of the game for survival during this time when we are all much more confined then usual due to the restrictions. Living such a life saturated with prayer has been a HUGE blessing, and we have been able to spend over 30 hours in Adoration and prayed a daily Rosary for our communities since arriving here in the late fall. Intercessory prayer has become a theme of our team!

Maria and Jacob were praying with a woman [over Zoom for the online “Leadership Workshop”]  when we started receiving word from God to tell her about how much He loved her. As we were sharing this with her we became so joyful and moved by the spirit. The woman shared how she had never put Jesus at the center of her life, so we led her through a prayer to help open the door of her heart to the Lord. At the end of the prayer the woman (and me) were moved to tears. Then we asked her how she felt and through the crying she said “I just wanted to eat my cheeseburger!”

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