Team 5 Ministry Update - "Joy Remains"

Joy. What a word to delight in; a word that has been one of the most frequent in our team. God has given each of us so many gifts as a team that has united us as one body for the church. Joy, the most prevalent gift that God has given this team, has shown each of us who we truly are as His sons and daughters.Through the highs and lows, “joy” has been our constant and our strength throughout this journey on NET. 

Our team started off doing ministry in person but after one month we sadly had to go online. This took a toll on our team because we thought that we weren’t going to be able to connect to the youth through online ministry but the Lord has really worked through it all. The youth are opening up more to us online, they have been coming more frequently and we have been able to dive in deeper with them. Our team has faced many challenges through this but every time we have brought it to prayer and allowed God to work through it all.

This has allowed us to realize that God permits many struggles and sufferings, each moment has given us the opportunity to not take things for granted.  We must keep pushing and trust that God uses everything for His glory and will never permit anything that won’t lead us closer to His loving arms. Baring each cross, trusting in the Lords plan and knowing that there’s always a resurrection is the root of our joy. It has taught us that challenges will always be there but it’s what you do with them that matter. Joy is a choice, a choice that we get to make everyday and by the grace of God live out and show others. Don’t get us wrong, having joy can be so hard especially when you are running out of hope, when you think there is nothing you can do. When that happens we choose to run to God and know that there will always be a light at the end of the tunnel, He gives us the hope and the happinesses when we need it, with God we know that joy will always come even when it gets hard. He uses hard times to help us grow and make us happier, when the pain and suffering is unbearable, He allows the joy to be greater.