Team 6 Ministry Update - "Building Relationships"

Hi everyone!

My name is Renske from team 6. We are stationed in Fraser Valley-East, BC this year. I am so pumped to share with you more about our team's ministry and what we’ve been up to the past few weeks! 

The main focus of our ministry is the secondary school St. John Brebeuf, where we spend most of our time talking with the youth during classes, before and after school, and during breaks. It is really amazing to build relationships with the youth and learn more about them and their lives. We also get opportunities to go into classrooms to do presentations, small groups and share testimonies (stories of our personal lives). Outside of school we are connected to three parishes where we help out with youth nights, provide formation for the core team members of the youth ministry and we are also part of a young adult ministry. 

With the pandemic it is definitely challenging to do ministry sometimes, but it is all worth it the second you see a youth take a step closer to God. It is the most beautiful thing ever. We did a retreat not too long ago and I saw my whole small group commit their lives to Christ! That was a big moment, but most of our days exist out of many little moments where we are watering the plants and praying the youth will open their hearts a little bit more every day. And God is definitely working through that too.

When we first arrived here, I started to talk with this one girl (and pray for her ever since I met her). As the weeks went on she started to share about her life and her hardships. When I asked her one day what role faith played in her life she told me she wasn’t practicing. I told her the church is a place for everyone, and then I asked if I could pray with her. She said yes. The rest of the day when I saw her she looked really happy instead of heavy. Now, every time I see her she comes up to me with this big smile and we talk. It is beautiful to be able to see what God is doing in her life, how she slowly takes little steps to Him. 

That is another one of the beautiful fruits we get to see in the ministry we are doing, but most of the fruits are hidden, and that is okay. Just because we cannot see it (right now), doesn’t mean it is not there. We need to trust God is working, because He is a good and faithful God. We bring all we have to the table, and then we step out of the way to let God work. 

Will you do the same?