Team 1 Ministry Update - "I Thirst for You"

I was quite irritated with myself when I had realized I had forgotten my water bottle during a retreat one day. Not only does our team mingle with the youth for six hours — playing games, discussing deep questions and praying — but we also sing in praise and worship for 45 minutes after the retreat is over. By the end of the day, I felt incredibly dry and thirsty.

I may be speaking about physical water, but when I was praising God and singing with the rest of my team, I started to think about thirst in the spiritual sense. In the five weeks since we arrived in Grand Prairie. While looking over the stats for NET team 1, we have completed 32 retreats with 494 youth saying they want to commit their lives to Christ! Many people we encounter, whether at St. Joseph's church or at any of the four school's we visit (St. Joseph's, St. John Paul 2, and both St. Mary schools), Jesus's thirst for souls can be felt by the people we meet who help us set up our mission, or ask us questions about our faith and God: why does our identity matter with Christ? Why is there needless suffering in the world, especially now since the world is currently battling a global pandemic?

When faced with these difficult questions, I think back to some of the miracles some of our small groups have experienced, such as one girl feeling a hand gently touch her back when Miriam was praying over her, or a young boy who confided in Joel that he felt chills and warmth during prayer and wondered why he felt that way. One girl who went to our retreat in Beaverlodge was crying during prayer ministry, saying she never knew Jesus loved her. She ended up staying with our team for a long time even after the retreat was over because she didn't want to leave. She wanted more. She wanted to know Jesus. 

When times are tough, I keep reminding myself how needed this ministry is, not just for the youth. No matter how much we can all inwardly thirst for God, Jesus thirsts for us even more. And so, while Grand Prairie has been warm and receptive, it is time for all of us to move on to Airdrie, Calgary in two weeks so that we may quench his thirst elsewhere. Thank you Grand prairie! I cannot wait to see what Calgary has for us in store.