King and Lionheart

For years, I have wanted to be like Lucy Pevensie from C.S. Lewis’ ‘The Chronicles of Narnia.’ 

There is an incredible scene in the film of ‘Prince Caspian’ in which the massive army of the Talmarines have almost been beaten by the Narnians, so they retreat to the bridge they’d built across the river. They are about to cross when the army pauses to see little Lucy Pevensie standing on the other end of the bridge; her little knife drawn from its sheath. The Talmarine army are a little bewildered by this sight, especially when they see Aslan, the mighty Lion they’d heard in many fairytales, stand beside Lucy on the bridge. The army, underestimating the situation, begin to charge at them.

So what does Lucy do? She looks to her King.

I don’t know about you, but I would be pretty terrified if a massive army began to charge towards me. I would either try to outrun them, or I would be frozen in place by sheer terror! Lucy does neither. Instead, she looks to Aslan with confidence in his strength and his power to defeat them. 

In that moment, Lucy shows us what it means to be truly brave in our littleness. Instead of relying on her own strength, she relies on the strength of her King. She is unfazed by the charging army because she trusts in Aslan like a child trusts in their father. 

It can be so easy to wonder where God is when we feel like an army is coming towards us. Maybe we inwardly have our own fight or flight moment. It can be easy to think we can handle our own problems, or that we’re not good enough to face them. The truth is that we don’t have to face the army on our own. 

Joshua 1:9 says ‘do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.’ God stands beside us in our scariest moments, asking us to be brave in our littleness. He asks us to trust in Him and in His strength and power, not our own. All we have to do to recognize it, is look to Him. 

Now that is pretty brave!

Evronia Allan, Team 6