My Plan and His Plan

Sometimes we are so paranoid about God taking our plans away that we hold onto them as tightly as we can. We hide them during personal prayer, we keep them hidden so that God can’t see them. We tell God that we want to follow His will, then we tell God what His will is. We try so hard to convince God that we are convinced that this is what He wants and as far as we are aware we are following His will. But we know deep down, that is not the truth.

The truth is that God knows our hearts better than we know our hearts. He knows what we are thinking, what we are hiding from Him. He knows what we think about Him so we might as well tell Him. If you think that He is going to take away all of your plans, that He is going to take away everything that you want and everything that makes you happy, tell Him that. If you think that His plans for you are not for your welfare, tell Him that too. Tell Him everything that is on your heart, because as soon as you say those words out loud to Him, and as soon as you bring everything into the light, that is when you can see things for what they really are. 

Doubting that God has the best plans for you and believing that God wants to take away everything that you love, in the end, translates to one thing. a lack of trust in God. 

Sometimes we realize that we have a lack of trust in God. And that’s normal, we all do. And great! Once this is recognized, it can start to be worked on. You can come to a greater trust in God, and to a greater faith.

So a lot of the time we don’t trust God’s plans because we think that we have a better idea of what makes us happy. We think that we have a better idea of what living a good life looks like. What we forget is that God made us, and placed all the desires that we have in our hearts for a reason. He knows us far better than we know ourselves, and not only that, but He actually wants the best for us. He doesn’t need us. He really doesn’t. 

Like Simon of Cyrene, He allows us to help Him, but He really doesn’t need our help, He is almighty. He doesn’t have an ulterior motive in His dealings with us, He isn’t trying to guilt-trip us into following a vocation that we really don’t want. He knows what will bring us joy, He knows what will bring us fulfilment, and He knows what will bring us salvation. And yes, it might be hard to follow God’s will in our lives. It might be the hardest thing we have ever done. But it will also be the thing that will bring us closer to God, that will bring us true fulfilment, true joy, and true peace. And it will actually make us happy. God cares about us being happy, and He doesn’t want us to lead a sad life. Of course, we are going to be sad in our lives, and we are going to be happy in our lives, and we are going to experience a whole host of emotions in our lives. And this is good because it shows that we are emotionally healthy. There are things that we should be sad about, and that is ok. But we shouldn’t be ruled by our emotions, nor should we shut them out, but we should just accept them in their proper place. 

And lastly what we should know is that God loves us, like a perfect father. He wants the best for us, He wants to show His love for us. He really wants to lavish His love on us and provide for us in every way. We don’t have to be afraid that He will destroy everything that we love. Maybe He will take out of our life the things that are hurting us, and maybe we won’t like that. But He isn’t trying to destroy our happiness, in that moment He is just acting like a parent would by taking some sharp scissors off a small child. The child might cry, and scream on the floor, and they might not understand why the parent did what they did, but the parent certainly isn’t going to just hand the scissors back. And in the same way when we scream on the floor of our spiritual life God isn’t going to hand back to us the things that are going to hurt us. He wills our good, He wants our good, and He provides for our good. 

Lucy Starkie, Team 2