Thy Will be Done

God I look to You

As you have probably heard all the missionaries were sent home. This was devastating, I remember hearing the schools were closed, shortly after the churches and then small businesses. Our life as we knew it was drastically changing every day. 

In the span of two weeks, I went from a normal Sunday evening in a host home, to the next Sunday being on the six-day trek back to Ottawa and then the following week being back home in Europe in a country that is in lockdown. My life, like yours too I’m guessing went from not having much free time and just being so busy to now not knowing what to do with all this time. I look ahead and there doesn’t appear to be an end in sight. Yet somehow I still hope and place my trust in Jesus. 

As everything was beginning to unfold what instantly came to mind was a line from the Our Father, “..Thy will be done..” as hard as it was to say I knew if I did not turn to prayer and to the one who sent me on this mission I would never find peace. As I was reflecting on that line in prayer I saw this scripture verse in my journal, “..And now we put our whole heart into following you, into fearing you and seeking your face once more.” Daniel 3:41

One thing I have learnt in this whole situation is that Jesus is constant, he never leaves us. Everything around us, material items, people, places, plans, all these can be taken away in an instant as I’m sure you have experienced. The one thing that has remained the same in all of this is Jesus.

He is there, He is working miracles, He is answering prayers, He is in control of what is happening. I’ve prayed for peace ever since I heard we were being sent home and even though I don’t understand why this is happening or I am sad that our year was shorter than expected I have been given an overwhelming sense of peace. I have learnt to trust unconditionally in Jesus and to constantly remind myself that God’s plan is the best plan.