Frozen 2 - Seen in a Different Light

Our team went to see Frozen 2 in theatres, and it was amazing! We noticed a lot of parts that could be interpreted through a Catholic eye. 



At the beginning of the film, young Elsa and Anna were told about this mysterious call into the enchanted forest. Fast forward to the present day when Elsa was taking in the beauty of the day where she hears this call for the first time. She was slightly confused but ignored it to continue with her day. She heard this call again when the family was playing charades and again pushed it away. She held onto this secret until Anna noticed and questioned her about it. Something our team has learned this year is that keeping something in the dark is a good way to get lost in it, and we’ve been getting better with bringing things to the light in order to get past them. Elsa was keeping her secret in the dark and it was starting to consume her, and when Anna got it out of her, things started looking up and they were able to make a plan of what to do about it. 

During the song “Into the Unknown”, Elsa fights an internal battle of whether she should follow this mysterious call, and at first she expresses that she shouldn’t uproot her life again to follow this call - “I’m afraid of what I’m risking if I follow you”- . At this point she doesn’t know whether this call is a good call, or if it’s trying to make her fail. At the end of the song, she makes the decision to follow the call because she knows deep down that this is what she needs to do, even when she doesn’t know what this mission entails. This can be compared to someone discerning a vocation, being uncertain of what is drawing them to the specific way of life but essentially being sure that this is what they need to be doing, even if there’s no real picture of what this looks like right now. 

Her mission was to find out where she is really supposed to belong. She has always known at the back of her mind that she’s different from the rest, and she even ran away in the first movie because in her eyes it was best for everyone if she was gone. She needed somewhere that she could really be herself, so she built that awesome ice castle. 

Fast forward to when Elsa and Anna found the ship that their parents were on before they died. Elsa knew what she had to do to find out the truth, but she needed to do it alone. Earlier, Anna had made Elsa promise that they would tackle this mission together, so when Elsa pushed Anna and Olaf away on that iceboat, they were very hurt by that. Living and working in a community is so much better than doing it alone because we have each other to lean on and support when it’s needed, and that’s part of the reason they made that promise. 

Another perspective we can look at this scene with is Elsa’s. Sometimes we are called by God to do something, that can be small like a volunteer position, or something bigger like doing NET or choosing a vocation. Not everyone will necessarily agree or be happy with that decision, but if God is asking you to do it, you gotta do it. 

Later on in the movie, Elsa was finally on her way to Ahtohallan to find out the truth, and she needed to cross the Dark Sea using her power to get there. She fought so hard, and part way there, the water horse came and seemed to be fighting her off, trying not to let her pass. It pushed her down into the sea, trying to make her fail. Her way of overcoming it, wasn’t to kill or disable it, it was to embrace it. She harnessed it with her ice powers and took control of it. This is a representation of us trying to fight against the enemy, and since we can’t kill him, we have to take control of the situation and fight to win. 

When she first got a hold of the horse, it was very rough waters and still a fight to stay on the horse, but as she got close to her destination, the waters were very calm and peaceful. Even the horse was peaceful. The enemy makes it very hard to get through to conversion, and even after conversion, it is still a fight to keep your faith alive, but you can see your way through life so much more easily with Jesus by your side.

She knew all along that she needed to find the truth, even though she didn’t know what it was yet, and when she finally got to Ahtohallan, she found so much peace and consolation. In her song “Show Yourself”, she says “It feels like I am home” and “I’ve never felt so certain”. That’s her feeling the consolation of our LORD AND SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST.