We Literally Have Everything We Need

As we were preparing to travel to North Bay, Ontario one morning, we had some sudden vehicle trouble with our truck, leaving it stuck on the side of the road.  Unaware of the extent of the damage, we decided to send six members of our team to North Bay in our working vehicle. The last four would stay behind while the truck was fixed, then meet us for our retreat happening in two days. It was going to be our first French retreat. So myself and five other team members hopped in our van and started on our way.

About an hour into our travel, the rest of the team called us with the news that the vehicle wouldn’t be fixed for up to five days.  We initially panicked, as we had left our trailer full of our supplies and luggage with our broken truck. We didn’t see how we could do our French retreat without our equipment and four of our team members.  We were too far away at this point to drive back and make it to North Bay in time.

We were going to have to do our retreat with what little we had.

We stopped to call the priest who was organizing the retreat and told him our predicament.  He encouraged us to keep on our way to North Bay, telling us the church had microphones and a speaker we could borrow.  Letting go of our idea of perfection, we continued driving. We brainstormed in the car how we were going to do this retreat.  Thankfully all of our team members who spoke French were in our vehicle. We would be able to do the retreat in French. We realized the guitar was in the trunk.  We would have music. The laptop was with us. We would have our slides and files. We all counted up our personal bibles and rosaries and prayer cards. We had enough for the youth to borrow for the prayer time on our retreat.  We had just enough props to be able to do our skits and dramas. The more we talked, our spirits lifted and we became excited for our retreat. I was in awe of how much God was providing. In the midst of our laughter, I recall one of my teammates saying,

“We literally have everything we need.”

Upon arriving in North Bay, we found God provided even more.  A family we were staying with had a drum we could borrow for our songs.  The church had spare paper we could use for one of our learning activities.  The priest let us borrow french bibles for the youth to use during the prayer session.  And we were so fortunate to have a day of preparation before the retreat, allowing us to practise and get our ministry ready.  Everything fell into place and that retreat was so beautiful. The youth were full of questions and thrived on being able to ask them. Many of the retreatants that day made the commitment to take a step closer to Christ.

This adventure reminded me of a certain truth: God provides. If something is God’s will and we are open to it taking place, there is nothing too big that God cannot provide.  It all comes down to trust and a willingness to try. Once we push aside discouragement and start doing what we can, God will give us just what we need. We may have to sacrifice our idea of perfection, but God doesn’t need perfection to do incredible things.

This whole experience was an incredible thing.  We were reminded of God’s awesome power. We were brought to trust Him more.  As a team we grew closer together by working through a difficult situation. And on that retreat we were able to answer the questions of 70 young people, and help them come to know Christ more.

I can guarantee you that in your life right now, there is something that God is calling you to trust Him with.  Maybe it’s something you need to let go of, or something new that daunts you. Maybe it’s someone who you worry for, or a chapter in your life that could change everything.  How can you trust God with that thing? How can you be open and willing to follow His plan? I encourage you, no matter how big the obstacles are, to take that first step. For when you trust in Him, you will find that you literally have everything you need.

Libby Kautz, Team 2