25 Lessons for the 25 Years of NET Canada

This year NET Canada is in its 25th year of ministry, which is incredibly exciting! For 25 years NET has been growing, learning, and developing, all the while reaching and inviting countless youth across our beautiful country to love Christ and embrace the life of the church.

I have grown and learned a lot in the time that I’ve spent with NET, spending three of the last seven years as a missionary. So, to celebrate and recognize NET’s 25th year, here are 25 things I have learned in my time with NET:

1. We are made for relationship, both with God, and with the people He places in our lives.

2. Backpacks are super useful. I should have used one in high school.

3. God allows us to experience trials and hardships that we can grow in holiness and draw closer to Him.

4. Humility comes in many forms (anywhere from falling down a flight of stairs to driving into a ditch).

5. Coffee. Not necessary, but definitely helpful.

6. Living in an affirming and uplifting community encourages people to be the best version of themselves.

7. You can love people by respecting their time; by being attentive and intentional about being on time and using our time wisely.

8. Stopping at a gas station with twelve people will always take longer than you think it will.

9. Beautiful conversations can happen in the strangest places.

10. The kindness of strangers is overwhelmingly beautiful.

11. I can’t do everything. I need God and I need my team.

12. There are many varieties of showerheads, and I have mastered most of them.

13. It is better to love people poorly than not try to love them.

14. God can work in the simplest moments, whether it is a retreat for 100 youth, buying gas, or anything in between.

15. The first mission field is our own heart. In allowing God to live and dwell there, He will show Himself to others.

16. Technology, while helpful often, is not necessary for everything.

17. It is important to express your needs to those around you.

18. God provides us with the gifts and talents we need for Him to work through us as He desires.

19. It is important to rest when needed, and to learn to recognize that need.

20. A hard relationship is not the same as a bad relationship. Often they become some of the best.

21. Travelling with a fish is not impossible, not the smartest, but not impossible.

22. Canada is a vast and beautiful country.

23. Prayer, growing in relationship with God and spending time with Him, is integral to a life with Him.

24. Even if we don’t see it, God is always working and present.

25. The best memories are made striving to do the will of God.

May God continue to work and move in and through this ministry as He has for the last 25 years, touching the hearts of many.

Meghan Darling, Team 4