Here, But Not Here

So, I had just sat down to do my usual morning prayer.
I started to write in my journal; I did the next day in my devotional; I opened my bible to read the scriptures; and I started to pray intercessions. 
Then I heard God’s voice interrupt me and say so beautifully  “Evronia, how are you?”

I paused, realizing that I hadn’t even said ‘good morning’ to God, let alone tell Him how I was. At the time, I didn’t think I needed to because God already knew how I was. I suddenly realized how quickly I had turned this beautiful opportunity to regularly draw closer to God into a structured, impersonal routine. 

God is constantly inviting us into a deeper relationship with Him, and He wants to spend time with us. God desperately wants to know us through our eyes, even though in Matthew 10:30 it says that “all the hairs on our head are numbered.” He wants to hear from us about the things that are going on in our lives.

It’s like when a father can’t make it to His son’s soccer game. The son is playing so well; he’s been scoring, he’s intercepted so many passes and they win against one of the hardest teams in the competition. 

The coach of his son’s team calls the father and says to him “Wow! Your son was incredible today! He scored a majority of the goals, he made more intercepts in this game than any other player and our team won against one of the hardest in the competition!”

The father is overjoyed and so proud of hearing of his son’s success and can’t wait for him to get home. The father can’t wait to hear from his son.

When his son finally arrives, the father runs to the door to greet him and asks “Son, how was the game?”

The son turns to His father and says “The coach called you. You already know how the game went so why do you need me to tell you?”

God wants to hear from us, even though He already knows what we will say. Sometimes we can get so caught up in going through the motions of prayer that we don’t even stop to tell our heavenly father how we are, and what is going on in our lives. It’s those moments that build a relationship.

It is such a gift to see the lives of youth be transformed through hearing this truth; the truth of God’s unceasing desire to draw closer to us, and for us to draw closer to Him. He is like the father in the story; he runs to the door to greet us. 

It’s a good reminder to me that I need to be ‘here’ with God. Not ‘here, but not here,’ but to be present before God. Our ministry consists so much of being present with each other, but it has been so fruitful to rediscover God as the father who wants us to be present with Him.

Evronia Allan, Team 6