5 Days, 6 Young Adults, 1 Vehicle, 1 Country

Travelling in a vehicle with 5 other young adults across Canada over 5 days.  Most people never travel long distances with people they only met weeks beforehand.  Yet, as a NET team we get into a vehicle that is not our own and the next thing we know we are travelling 8+ hours a day just to get to our destination. 

My team left Ottawa at 6:30am on Sunday, Sept. 29.  Not really too sure about what we would be doing when we finally arrived in Calgary but knowing that God wanted us in Calgary.  There were all different kinds of emotions in the car, with the most prominent ones being excitement, nervousness, and anticipation. We were excited to bring youth closer to Christ and to grow deeper in our personal relationships with God, yet nervous about what the year was going to bring.  The car ride was a great opportunity to focus on spending time getting to know each other better, listening to everyone’s different music, praying the rosary, eating food, and listening to Lighthouse CD’s given to us by a host home; all the while making our way closer to our destination. The families that hosted us along the way were amazing and we had such a great time meeting new host homes every day.

Our first destination as we travelled through Ontario was in Sault Ste. Marie, where we stayed in a church. We then passed through Thunder Bay, Lake Huron and Lake Superior; driving through trees with crazy colours and falling autumn leaves. Just before we left Thunder Bay we met a woman who talked with us for a bit about her difficult life. We ended up praying with her, and were able to hear her speak beautifully about friendship. She talked about the beauty of being able to stay and work together in spite of where we came from, our pasts, or who we were. The amazing thing was that she told us all this before she found out we were missionaries on our way to our ministry locations. This encounter definitely left us remembering that we are brothers and sisters in Christ and that, no matter what, we should hold onto each other through the good times and the bad. 

Maria Van Vugt, Team 7


Throughout this journey across the country we all realized how God has blessed us with a beautiful country. We passed through the colours of Ontario with its small hills, had multiple moose sightings including one during team prayer, and then into the foothills in Alberta and how beautiful they were. We were certainly blessed on our journey to Calgary.