Lessons from Captain Marvel

I am definitely not one of those MARVEL fanatics. I like pugs and flowers and cheesy romantic movies, however, my heart was incredibly moved by the movie Captain Marvel.

I was hooked from the first scene when Carol Denvers (the main character) is training to become a better warrior. The message of the first scene goes along these line of you have a mission. Serve well and with honour. Relating this to my Catholic faith, I connected the dots with the individual mission we all have on earth, and how we are meant to embrace it and bring glory to God.

As Carol journeys through the movie, she realizes a hard truth about her identity. She was taken away from planet earth and taken up by the “Cree”. The closer she got to finding her authentic self, the more freely she can live.

This reminds me of the famous St. Catherine of Sienna quote, “be who God made you to be, and you will set the world on fire.”

A challenge for Carol is her emotional and sensitive nature. Even though her intentions are to help others, she ends up getting wrapped up in the little things. But as Carol's character develops through the movie we also see the passion she has to prove others wrong, which fills the movie with the virtue of perseverance.

Carol Denver doesn’t remember anything about her past but she is manipulated into just seeing the parts in her life where she has failed or fallen. In her quest to find herself, the moment where she can show her strength, her memory shines to all of those times after being defeated, where she stood up and kept fighting.

This is what it means to fight with honour. Trying again and again. The devil is the master of deception and we are targeted with lies all the time like, “you are not good enough. Your best efforts aren't enough. You’ll never make it.” What we often forget to see is the strength God gives us to get back up again and again and again.

The moment Carol finds her true identity, she responds with, “you’re right, I’m only human” and then is flooded by those images of victory.

For us as Christians, the same truth applies. We are only human. The devil tries to manipulate that truth into something we should be ashamed of. But if our identity is fully in God and we are completely confident in God’s providence, we will finally be able to complete our mission on earth.

It was so refreshing to see the way Carol would fly through the galaxies with absolutely nothing holding her back. The moment she was able to be humbled by her true identity, she was free.

Be free.

-Alexia Flores, Team 3