What is Trust?

If there's one aspect of the faith that I've learned the most about in these past two years while serving with NET, it's Trust.

What is trust?

If you would ask some people they may respond with something like “it's being able to give a task to another and know that they will accomplish it.” Or “it's believing that another will take care of you.” And they would be correct, to an extent. There's a difference between trusting in others and to live out trust in God. You could be a very trustworthy person, or be able to trust others very well, yet still not have trust in God.

Last year, 2017-18, I was serving on NET Ireland, which was never part of my plan. I had applied to NET Canada and had no intention of doing NET in any other country. God had different plans. NET Canada ask me if I would be interested in giving my contact information to NET Ireland because they were looking for men. I gave it, still no intention of doing it. About a month later I was told I had an interview the next morning with NET Ireland. I had the interview, then got accepted. Before getting accepted to NET Ireland, I had tried to do different things like getting a job, joining a choir, and tons of other things and none of them worked out. Then suddenly I get accepted to NET in a country I never intended to go to, I looked back at all the things that didn't open up, then at this thing that did without me wanting it to, and I thought, “yeah, I think God’s plan is for me to do this.” By the way, I had never been on a plane before, was 18, didn't have a passport, still had to work a whole other week at camp, had to do almost all my fundraising on the road, and I was leaving in 9 DAYS! That was a big leap in trust that I had in God.

The rest of that year, and the following summer, I learned a lot about what trust is. I read some reflections from St. Alphonsus Liguori, books by Fr. Michael Gaitly, and I learned from the struggles of everyday life. I learned a lot about what trust was, but the main thing I learned that year was about how to Live trust. To live trust is to praise and thank God in all things. If you say that you trust in God, but can’t get yourself to praise Him in a certain situation, do you actually trust Him? Well, now I knew how to live trust, but it is much easier said than done.

Throughout my second year with NET, God continues to give me opportunities to grow in trust. I want to trust God in every moment of my life. I want to trust in his plans for me and in his mercy, because I know that Jesus’s greatest pain is when I don’t trust Him. Because He loves me so much that He died to give me His mercy, and to not trust in that mercy or that He loves me enough to give me the best life I could ever have, is to reject his greatest gift ever given to us.

So I will try to trust in God by praising him in all things, especially in the hard times, and I hope that you will too. Another test I went through was to see if I could pray this powerful prayer:

Do what you will with me, O Jesus; I will adore You in everything. May Your will be done in me, O my Lord and my God, and I will praise Your infinite mercy. ~ Diary of St. Faustina, (78)

Because as it says in the mass; “It is truly right and just, our duty and our Salvation, always and everywhere to give you thanks.”

Andre Fillion, Team 7