God Heals!

YES! On every retreat, God heals! In Sault Ste-Marie God was healing the youth. At this retreat as leaders, we were going around praying silently with each of the youth. I placed my hand on the shoulder of a young lady asking God to pour out His blessings upon her and that her heart may be open to the gifts God is giving her. She said that during the prayer she felt my hand move over on her shoulder to the place where she was in pain, and she knew I didn’t move my hand because she felt it in both places. Immediately as she felt the presence of a hand, apart from where mine was, the pain in her shoulder went away. God has healed her of her pain! Thank you, Jesus! So beautiful is our Father’s love and power to heal his children physically! As a result of the prayer time, she shared with me that now she knows that God is real! She was open to God’s gifts of love!

What a glorious story that I got to witness, share, and learn! On retreats, we often don’t hear of physical healings that God does. Sharing this with my teammates brought them so much joy, how beautiful is God’s love. This made me realize the joy of Christ’s healings in our lives!

So, let’s rejoice even more in the ways we see God moving! We rejoice greatly over the healings that we see, but what about all the joy from the healings we don’t see? Are we rejoicing over them? There are so many spiritual healings that we don’t see that should bring so much more joy and rejoicing than physical healings. Yet, how can it? Well… WE CAN REJOICE KNOWING THAT THERE IS SO MUCH MORE! How glorious and wonderful are the signs and wonders of God’s power!!!

God wants to bring His kingdom here on this earth and I am blessed to see this through how He restores and heals us. In Instruction on Prayers for Healing, Pope John Paul II shares with us, “[Healings] manifest the victory of the kingdom of God over every kind of evil, and become the symbol of the restoration to health of the whole human person, body and soul. They serve to demonstrate that Jesus has the power to forgive sins; they are signs of the salvific goods.” God heals both body and soul, physically and spiritually! These physical healings and miracles which we see all throughout the Gospels are signs of God’s forgiveness and mercy drawing His children closer to Him. God’s restoration and healing does not depend on whether I see it or not. PRAISE THE LORD FOR THAT, because then I know there is so much more God is doing when I don’t see it! God works powerfully, lovingly, and mercifully healing at every retreat! I just need to be open!

This young lady was drawn closer to God, her faith was increased, believing more concretely that God is real. This physical healing led to spiritual healing!! Our Father knows what each of His children needs, and desires to give love to each of them. Why wouldn’t He want the same for you? I rejoice in this!

Annette Hartman, Team 2