Unexpected Ministry

As a NET team we are focused on youth ministry but sometimes the Lord surprises us with different opportunities to minister to people who are not youth. For example, God called our team to minister to His people in an unexpected way in this recent experience during team prayer!

Each NET team has a daily commitment to a specific prayer time as a team, called team prayer.  The purpose of team prayer is to praise God as a team. Without Him, the ministry we do would not be possible. As NET missionaries, we believe that Jesus is the foundation of our ministry and he deserves all the praise and glory.  Team prayer usually consists of singing praise and worship music, intercessory prayer, and reflecting on scripture.

One of our first team prayers at our home parish in Peace River, Alberta started off just like any other team prayer. As we were praying, we noticed that someone had walked into the church. They remained there listening to us as we were singing praise and worship. When team prayer was over, the woman introduced herself. She mentioned that her mother had just passed away and she was at the church preparing for her wake when she was drawn into the sanctuary by our praise. She explained how moved her heart was by the song we had just finished singing.

Through tears she asked us to play at her mother’s wake later that night, saying that it would make her mom so happy. We happily agreed and came back later that night to sing some of her mother’s favourite songs, like Amazing Grace. After the initial ceremony, the family invited us for a time of fellowship where we had the opportunity to learn more about their loved one who passed away. We had beautiful conversations with the family and spent time with some of the children.

The family let us know that the musician that was supposed to play music at the funeral the following day had cancelled and that they would love for us to play music for the funeral mass. Again we happily agreed to this beautiful opportunity!

It was incredible how The Lord worked through us in the lives of this family. It was also incredible to see how the Lord used this family to impact our team! We learned about the women’s life and her experience growing up Indigenous. We heard of how she was impacted by residential schools but found forgiveness in the church. She was such an incredible woman and our team was blessed with the opportunity to help that family. God knew what needed to happen and placed everyone exactly where they needed to be. It was this unexpected ministry that reminded us that God has much bigger plans for our team this year than we could ever expect.

Rebecca Harber, Team 3