65 Reasons to #jointhe65

My time serving with NET Canada has been incredible so far. I remember back when I first applied, I was so excited! I spent so much time thinking about where I’d be, who my teammates were going to be and what it would be like living the NET lifestyle. My teammate Maria, on the other hand, was not so excited… she felt the call for the Lord but the thought of doing NET did not excite her. Since NETCanada is accepting 65 missionaries for the 2019-20 mission year, I saw it fitting to share 65 reasons to join NET! Whether you are bursting with excitement, bursting with fear, or have never even considered NET as an option, I hope these reasons shed some light on what NET is really like and help you consider if NET is something for you!

So here we go:

  1. You get to bring youth to Christ!
  2. You get to travel and discover new places.
  3. Team life!! Constant love and laughs.
  4. You get really good at Tetris… aka packing the trailer.
  5. You get McDonald’s and Tim Hortons all the time.
  6. Road trips!!! You’ll see the beautiful country of Canada.
  7. Brotherhood and sisterhood time.
  8. You get to build authentic relationships with other Catholics.
  9. You never stop laughing.
  10. You don’t only minister to youth in retreat settings but in host homes too.
  11. Speaking of host homes… they’re amazing!
  12. NET is lots of work, but every bit of the work is so rewarding.
  13. You visit places you probably never knew existed.
  14. You get to eat delicious food!
  15. During training, you’ll get to know 64 other amazing Catholics.
  16. You’ll acquire some wild stories.
  17. Every night’s a sleepover.
  18. The other NET missionaries will love you for your true self.
  19. You learn how to authentically love those around you.
  20. You will become a better singer… ‘cause you’ll do it a lot.
  21. You’ll grow more than you’ll ever imagine!
  22. Jamming in the car with your team is a blast.
  23. Your ordinary life will become EXTRAORDINARY!
  24. The NET staff are the most amazing people and they will support you in all the ways you need.
  25. You might be on The Keewatin-Le Pas team ? (sorry I’m biased)
  26. The beautiful retreat centres where you’ll receive training.
  27. Training is like 1 long retreat.
  28. You will get to know God in a whole new way!
  29. Unexpected opportunities will come up for evangelization and God will use you in beautiful ways.
  30. Life can get boring… NET is never boring!
  31. After NET, you’ll have friends from all over the world!
  32. If you’ve never had a brother or a sister, NET will give you both!
  33. You get a neat NET shirt.
  34. Your music taste will expand.
  35. Host home pets are the cutest!
  36. Hearing a youth tell you that knowing you has changed their life.
  37. You learn what sacrificial love really is.
  38. Laundry night! (if you join NET, you’ll understand)
  39. For the ladies: your sisters’ wardrobe will become your own.
  40. You will take AWESOME pictures!
  41. Doing NET will allow you to experience real Christ-like love.
  42. You will meet tons of amazing people from across Canada.
  43. Late night conversations with your sisterhood/ brotherhood.
  44. You live like the early disciples.
  45. You will have 10 months worth of amazing memories!
  46. Why go to school when you can do NET!? Just kidding…school is great, but NET is the gap year above all other gap years.
  47. You will discover and develop the gifts and talents the Lord has given you.
  48. Team prayer!
  49. You’ll probably eat A LOT of pizza.
  50. Your days off will teach you to appreciate rest.
  51. You will learn to fully rely and trust in the Lord… and it’s the best feeling ever!
  52. The bond between you and your teammates is unlike anything else you will ever experience.
  53. The youth you meet will bring you so much joy.
  54. The inside jokes are endless.
  55. You are constantly living in a positive, affirming atmosphere.
  56. You live life glorifying God!!
  57. The NET vans are hype and awesome :)
  58. Access to the sacraments all the time!
  59. You become more responsible.
  60. You learn how to make the most of your money.
  61. You will learn how to be independent but at the same time you’ll learn how to rely on and trust others.
  62. Running retreats and youth groups are super fun!
  63. NET teaches you how to be a good listener.
  64. Your prayer life will be better than ever!
  65. JESUS WANTS YOU TO...Jesus says “go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation” ( Mark 16:15)

In all honesty, serving with NET Canada is the best thing that has ever happened to me in every aspect of my life. You may be considering serving with NET or you may be thinking that it’s the last thing you want to do, but I encourage you to pray about it and discern if it’s something God is calling you to. Also, the staff are great to talk to if you have any questions! God bless!

Emma Sguinga, Team 4