The Lord Provides

One thing God has been teaching me is His providence. God is always going to provide you with what you need just when you need it, and He proves it countless times! This is an example of one of those times.

One day our team was in Windsor, Ontario doing a confirmation retreat and I remember feeling not so good spiritually. First of all, we went from having Mass almost every day at training to only receiving Jesus once a week! Honestly, the feeling of incompleteness because of lack of the Eucharist was something I’ve never felt before. Secondly, it was a really long week and I think we all were experiencing some sort of spiritual dryness. While serving as a NET missionary time feels different. One day often feels like a thousand years! So, while it was only Thursday, it felt like a lifetime ago since we last received the Eucharist. This wasn't just a feeling I felt but most of my teammates felt the same!

After we got our schedule for the retreat and prayed our before-retreat prayer, we saw the parish priest come in. Low-key, he seemed a little nervous and he appeared to be shaking from nerves. From our experience, most priests are excited to see us and thank us for what we’re doing. However, this priest kept on talking! He said that he felt the Holy Spirit tell him to do Mass for us! He was going to give 11 young Catholics their own private Mass. I immediately yelled “yes” and looked over to one of my teammates and said, “This is what I prayed for!” This gave me something to look forward to throughout the whole day, knowing that I was going to get as close to God as we can on earth in a couple of hours. So, after our retreat ended we went into the church and all received Jesus. It was beautiful and honestly one of the most memorable Masses I’ve been to.

I believe that this situation can teach us a lot. For one, if we listen to the promptings of the Holy Spirit, He can use us to answer someone else’s prayers! I think about the number of times I’ve felt called to talk to somebody about God but told myself that it’s just me thinking those things. Maybe it is, but maybe and more likely it’s God trying to tell me to go say something to that person. So, if that priest would have just said to himself ‘it’s Thursday, they’ll make it until Sunday,’ we would have missed such a grace and I wouldn’t have a story to tell!

This story also reminds me of God’s providence. Providence is defined as “the protective care of God.” He knew exactly what we needed and when we needed it. I think God lets us get into a state of spiritual dryness in order to better see His grace and to remember that He is still in control!

God knows what we’re going through and He will always provide the graces for us to get through it.

“Be still and know that I am God” -Psalm 46:10

Dominique Gougeon-Gagnon, Team 2