Behold, I Make All Things New

Have you ever wondered where life would take you?

Well last year (2017-18) I had the wonderful opportunity to be on a school board team in Vancouver, British Columbia where I got to travel around the province visiting different schools and parishes in the area. My teammates and I got to see BC in all of its glory from the beautiful mountain tops to the ocean floor on the west coast.

It feels like it was just yesterday that I jumped back on a plane from Halifax headed to Ottawa for NET Training once again. Coming back for a second year and having to go through it all over again, I feared that I wouldn’t get much out of it, yet I realized I was mistaken as God had already started to work in my heart in ways I couldn’t have imagined or even asked for. God truly does make “All things new.” (Revelations 21:5)

As training began earlier this year, I noticed myself having a greater disposition of heart. I was more open to what I was hearing the second time around, even though most of the content was the same from my first year. It was as if I was hearing it all for the very first time, or got something new from it this time around. It’s been quite nice seeing some familiar faces from last year as well as a lot of new ones. It’s been amazing to see what God is doing through these newly formed friendships that are being built.

Apart from what God is doing in my own life, it is quite evident that He is also using the people around me to make His love known. I am currently on a Discipleship Team at St. Paul’s Parish in beautiful Summerside, PEI, and with only two weeks in I’m already starting to see how God is working in our team, the ministry here at the parish, and quite evidently the community. The people out here have been so welcoming and generous of their time and kindness, often going out of their way to make us feel at home; making us embrace the true “islander” inside us all. From the cool ocean breeze to the warm island potatoes, PEI does really feel like home. Being from the Maritimes myself, this truly does feel like home, and it has been beautiful getting to know the community of Summerside as we start to dive into our ministry here.

The youth here are already on fire for their faith and can’t wait to get plugged back into events in the parish & greater community, and it’s been such a blessing to immerse ourselves in the culture already formed here at St. Paul's Parish. We are looking forward to journeying with the youth here and getting to know more about the “Island” as we spend the next several months in this beautiful province. I am personally excited to see what things God has in store for me this year as I embark on yet another amazing journey that awaits me.

-Dan Perera

Team 5 Summerside, PEI