Yes, there is a Brooklin in Ontario

On Monday the 1st October, the 7 NET Missionaries of Team 6 drove into what was officially their home parish for the next 8 months, St. Leo the Great Catholic Church, in Brooklin, Ontario.


Our Team is based here building up the youth through weekly youth events and outreach at the local high schools through retreats and school visits. We are also blessed with an amazing office!

It is surreal to think that we will be here for 8 months. With only one week in we have already found comfort in this Church, we love coming into the office every morning and are excited to start inviting youth to come in and simply enjoy the space with us.  With just a week in, we have managed to encounter so many individuals and families. We have also been given numerous opportunities to witness God in the truth, goodness and beauty that surrounds us!

These are just some of the highlights from our first few days in the community:

“When we arrived at the parish on our first day, we were greeted by a crowd of people, a giant welcome sign, and the flags of our countries. We were led into the Church for prayers and a blessing, and after, enjoyed cake and punch while meeting so many new amazing people!” - Abbra K. FUN FACT: Knows so many fun facts about anything. Once referred to herself as ‘jack of all trades, master of none.’

“My highlight for week 1 was our Welcoming BBQ with Fr. Charles & Bishop Nguyen. I just felt very welcomed and at home. Lots of laughter, joy and GOOD FOOD.” - Luke R. FUN FACT: Loves pretty much every sport, especially Hockey.

Just outside of our youth office is complete access to the Church. Everyday we get to pray in front of the tabernacle as a team, & every other time of the day we get to jam out at the choir loft!

“My highlight this week was singing with my brothers. Just jamming and using our voices to be vulnerable through praise & worship was awesome.”- Joseph F. FUN FACT: Shoe size: 15

“My highlight was every time we sang together. When we have free time, sometimes we will go into the Church and just sing together. It always lifts my spirits”- Catherine O: FUN FACT: No. of siblings: 11

Every Wednesday we have Adoration as a team, where we get to sit with the Eucharist. Fr. Charles has allowed our team to have 7 hours of silent Adoration in the Church. We each get 1 hour from 9am-4pm while the other 6 continue with ministry. What an amazing blessing to be able to offer up these 7 hours a week for the youth and families of Brooklin.

“During my weekly hour of adoration, I asked God what He wanted to do this year in Brooklin. He told me to just love them.” - Chelsey S. FUN FACT: obsessed with Coffee

“When I spend time in adoration before the Lord, it is where I find peace. A peace like no other.” - William D. FUN FACT: Can fit inside a luggage bag

“My highlight was attending all the weekend Masses for the first time as a team. There was just something so heartwarming about sitting with my team in prayer surrounded by all the people we’ve been praying for.”- Faith E. FUN FACT: Celebrating her first WHITE (WINTER) CHRISTMAS in 2018 .

We’re ready for you Brooklin, Ontario!

Faith Estera, Team 6