We are not made for Comfort

We all long for comfort. We long to feel loved, and to have things work out. We like things to be peaceful, and easy! But, what if I told you that we were not made for things to be easy, for things to always be great, to be comfortable?

Before NET, I had a very comfortable life. I was homeschooled my entire life, all the way through, until the end of grade 12! I had a great job that I was planning on growing in, and potentially making my career!  I had the freedom of my own car - I could go anywhere. I had the freedom to do almost anything I desired! I was comfortable with the way I had my life. But would this be the path that I’m called to walk towards heaven?

 Ease? Comfort? Schedules? Is sanctity reliant on safety? Were the saints merely content? I highly doubt that we would be living like a saint when everything’s just fine and dandy. Where is my desire to serve? Why do I cower and try to distract myself instead of joyfully embracing my cross?

In order to do great things and live authentically, we will not have an easy life. Comfort is not our path to sanctity. We need to grow in docility and trust while continuing to offer our lives to our Creator each and every day! We need to offer up our sufferings, our frustrations, and sacrifices we have and make daily - offer it up to Jesus! It is only through those times that He can sanctify us, and make us holy! Jesus equips us to be saints. He gave us the tools and gifts we need. I like how Pope Francis said it:

“To be saints is not a privilege for the few, but a vocation for everyone.”


Isn’t that exciting!! We actually can be saints!! Don’t just read about the saints, but read their stories and let it inspire us! Although it takes work. We are not meant to peacefully exist on our own and only love others when we have the energy to do so. Let’s go out and DO IT! And while we can live authentic human lives on our own, we were never created for this self-sufficiency.  We are called to unite ourselves to Christ Himself, rely on His grace, and go forth to spread the love which He has first shown us.

“Christ did not promise an easy life. Those who desire comforts have dialled the wrong number. Rather, he shows us the way to great things, the good, towards an authentic human life.”


Being here on NET, it’s not always easy. It’s definitely a sacrifice going to bed late, and actually getting up out of bed early in the morning. It’s not always comfortable, but it’s totally worth it. It’s worth the sacrifice!

How are we to grow in holiness if things are always easy, always comfortable?  How would we be sharing in Christ’s suffering? Let us go forward with joy! To joyfully and faithfully serve Christ and His church, willingly!  Let us serve our brothers and sisters with love! When we serve them, we serve Jesus! May our desires always direct us toward the love of Christ and His Church.

The saints weren't warm and cozy, they were burning with Love!! :)


Victoria Bredfeldt is a current NET missionary serving on one of our local ministry teams 

- Team 4, Fort McMurray