Call to Greatness

Who would’ve thought that we’ve been on the road for a month already? I’ve been travelling with this team of amazingly holy people, who 2 months ago were total strangers. We had a team Costco visit a few weeks ago, and as I walked in, the man at the door asked if these 9 people behind me were with me. Without a second thought I said, “Yup, they’re my family.” That’s what we truly are now. We’ve all become on big family on an adventure driving across the country, spreading the Word of God.

So far it’s been full of good laughs, fun host homes, intense spiritual growth, and life-changing experiences.

It all started on October 3rd when Archbishop Prendergast commissioned us. It was a day of excitement and fear, but I knew we were ready to hit the road. All 10 of us made a choice to stand up and follow the call to evangelize for nine months. Now that sounds straight forward, right? Well, for some yes, for others no. For me it was a difficult choice, partially because I got accepted a day before training, but also because when you choose to do NET, you choose to live radically and put the life you know on pause to do something amazing. I always thought there must have been something more, but just like it is difficult to describe the beauty of a cave from the outside, I can’t express in words how beautiful this ministry is, you have to experience it from the inside to believe it.

All of my team members come from different walks of life; some of us came right out of high school and were planning on going to university, some from stable jobs, some had already done a year on NET and came back for a second. I know I can speak for most of them when I say choosing NET was not the comfortable, easy choice. We had to trust that God has a plan for us, a plan greater than our own. Personally, I was in a pretty comfortable spot in life where I was doing well in university, keeping up with athletics, and had just signed a 15 month lease with my roommate, when I decide to apply to NET. So, when I got accepted I trusted that if this is what God wanted, I would follow and work to make things fall into place. In all-honesty, I feared that the chances of everything working out were slim.

To my surprise everything just seemed to fall into place, like a puzzle. I was truly shocked and was still debating staying home where life was easy but “God did not make us for comfort, He made us for greatness” (Pope Benedict XVI), and as the team and I continue to step out of our comfort zones, we begin to see ourselves rising to greatness, little by little. So are you going to settle for comfort or are you going to recognize that you were made for greatness and rise up to your call?

~Jonathon Ramessar (Encounter 1)