The Sweetest Harmony from a Broken Note

Suppose a musician in an orchestra freely strikes a sour note. The conductor is competent, the music is correctly scored and easy to play, but the musician still exercises his freedom by introducing a discord which immediately passes out into space. The director can do one of two things: he can either order the selection to be replayed, or he can ignore the discord.

Fundamentally, it makes no difference which he does, for the false note is travelling out into space at the rate of more than a thousand feet per second; and as long as time endures, there will be discord in the universe.

                Is there any way to restore harmony to the world? It can be done only by someone coming in from eternity and stopping the note in its wild flight. But will it still be a false note? The harmony can be destroyed on one condition only. If that note is made the first note in a new melody, then it will become harmonious.

                This is precisely what happened when Christ was born. There had been a false note of moral discord introduced by the first man which infected all of humanity. God could have ignored it, but it would have been a violation of justice for Him to do so, which is, of course, unthinkable. What He did therefore, was to ask a woman, representing humanity, freely to give Him a human nature with which He would start a new humanity. As there was an old humanity in Adam, so there would be a new humanity in Christ.

- Venerable Fulton Sheen, Life of Christ

Let us take joy that we are part of this new humanity, and strive to grow in this sweetest of harmonies.