Sometimes when things are too easy, it drains us more than when life is busy.

     God's faithfulness for our team has been a common theme throughout the past couple of months. Throughout the pandemic that everyone is facing, God continues to shine His glory, move mountains, and radiate His love throughout our team and those we are ministering to.  God always shows up and I mean always! 

Hi everyone! 

Renske here from team 6 again, stationed in the beautiful Fraser Valley- East, BC! I am excited to share with you all what has been going on in our ministry over the past weeks! 

Hello Everyone!
I hope this update finds you all happy, healthy, and holy. Some exciting things happened!...

Philip found Nathanael and said to him, "We have found Him of whom Moses in the Law and also the Prophets wrote—Jesus of Nazareth, the son of Joseph." Nathanael said to him, "Can any good thing come out of Nazareth?" Philip said to him, "Come and see." (John 1:45-46)

When our team discovered we would be able to hang out with students in their classrooms, we were overjoyed! Not only could we play with them in the gym, but we could sit and spend time with them all day! We were also invited to play music at Vanier high school’s Ash Wednesday liturgy, and to visit classrooms at Holy Family! We could not wait to get started, especially because we really wanted to dive in and dig deep on building up the youth groups and the students’ faith here. That way, we could understand how to minister to them more once we understood their own relationship with God. 

Team 4 is doing quite well, despite the circumstances of being in a lockdown right now. Team life is looking very different, since we can’t leave our household, except for groceries or the occasional hike. We are very grateful that we can still go for walks around the neighbourhood, as long as we stay 6 feet away from people. Our team spends most of the day together working, or spending good quality time together, and we really enjoy it! We are so grateful for everyone’s prayers for our ministry.

As the 2020 calendar year ended, and our team got ready to head off for Christmas break, we hashed out a grand plan for how we were going to come at the new year in ministry. We really wanted to find ways to connect to the people in the communities - even though many of the roads are literally blocked from access due to the pandemic.

Two days until the new year!  As we look to the months ahead many of us are making plans and asking the Holy Spirit for guidance. It IS possible to have clarity and peace when discerning God’s will. He has amazing plans for you and will lead you to them.  Plans that will bring you a future full of hope. Don’t be afraid of discernment; God is with you.  Read our new blog, and uncover the 5 Keys to Making God-Centred Decisions.  P.S. BONUS included - The Discernment Worksheet Journaling Guide

NET Team 1 Update #2

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil — Psalm 23

Whenever I read the Psalm above, I think of darkness, both physically and spiritually. Darkness is typically viewed as a scary thing. Many horror movies and thriller attractions rely on dark atmospheres in order to make an impact. In our faith, darkness too can bring us closer to God. When things look bleak, we need to depend on God even more when facing the trials ahead. 

Joy. What a word to delight in; a word that has been one of the most frequent in our team. God has given each of us so many gifts as a team that has united us as one body for the church. Joy, the most prevalent gift that God has given this team, has shown each of us who we truly are as His sons and daughters.Through the highs and lows, “joy” has been our constant and our strength throughout this journey on NET.