Vancouver Teams Meal Fund

As we begin this new year of ministry, our circumstances will be looking different due to COVID-19. We have made decisions that would ensure the safety of your families and our missionaries. Our Vancouver and Fraser Valley Teams will not be staying in Host Homes like previous years. Instead, we have found alternative accommodations to house our missionaries for the year.

With the teams living on their own, we have created a meal plan to meet their basic food needs. We invite you to contribute to the mission by donating to the teams' food budget since hosting is no longer an option. These donations will go directly to the team's weekly grocery bill throughout the year.

Thank you so much for your contribution in helping us support our missionaries!


Team 6
Back (L-R): Maximilian Longworth (Woodstock, ON), Noah Runstedler (Listowel, ON), Fanny Matte (Bourget, ON)
Front (L-R): Mikèla Lemieux (Monkland, ON), Renske de Greeuw (The Netherlands), Mandy Paul (Calgary, AB)

Team 7
Back (L-R): Thomas Cheeseman (Morell, PE), Cameron Schieman (Ottawa, ON), Michael Porta (London, ON), Analiza Thomas (Trinidad and Tobago)
Front (L-R): Pia Ocenar (Calgary, AB), Louise Lapain (Essex, ON), Celia McCormick (Woodstock, ON)