Update on NET Canada’s ministry regarding Covid-19

Here is NET Canada's current ministry update regarding Covid-19.
UPDATED: March 21, 2020


Dear NET friends,

Thank you for all the prayers and kind words that we have received over the last few days. It has been so encouraging to know that the NET family is much bigger than our missionaries and staff. Count on our continued prayers for all of you.

I wanted to provide an update on a few things:

  1. Our office has been closed since March 16 and will remain so until the situation changes and local health authorities give the approval to loosen such measures. Since that time all our staff have been told to work remotely, and only 1 or 2 are allowed back in when necessary to handle some essential work, and not in the same office, but this is a rare exception. All emails are being monitored as usual so that is the best way to contact any of our staff, and our office voicemail is being checked on regularly.
  2. Our ministry for our NET teams has been concluded since last week. It was a hard decision and a difficult way to end the year, but the missionaries have been extremely positive about the situation. While it is sad to have the year-end so abruptly, we are happy that they will be able to be with friends and family during Holy Week and Easter. We will keep in touch with each of them as they transition to life “off the road” and please keep them in your prayers.
  3. For those NET missionaries that were not able to be with family or friends, we are taking care of them. We are finding homes and people for them to be with and no one will be left on their own or to fend for themselves, and all necessary health precautions are being made when that happens.
  4. For our NET staff, the situation has been fluid and fast-moving. While we may not have as many moving parts as large government bodies or universities, NET has people in many different places (across Canada) working on many different projects (school ministry, archdiocesan ministry, local parish ministry, etc). We have been constantly monitoring information from the news, local health authorities, WHO, and even have a NET alumnus who is a nurse "on-call" for us, providing us much direction and up to date information. The information changes daily, if not hourly, and the decision we made one day changed the next. Protocols we thought we followed one moment needed to be updated or changed the next. And is has been very challenging at times to ensure all our staff and missionaries received communication that was consistent and yet relevant to all their unique situations and locations. And things have been missed, or we’ve had to play catch up in a few areas. But the staff has been tremendous in their flexibility and commitment to ensuring the health and safety of all. Many have worked tirelessly, put in overtime, even into the weekends, and there is still more work to be done. Thanks for your patience and understanding during these changes.

Again, I ask you to keep our missionaries and staff in your prayers as we continue to navigate the ministry through these unique circumstances. Be assured of our prayers for you all.

God bless,

Pierre O’Reilly
Executive Director