Mary-Anne Ruggles, Fredericton, NB


Hello there and welcome to my fundraising page! My name is Mary-Anne, I am 19 years old and I currently live in Fredericton New Brunswick. I am currently attending the University of New Brunswick and will be switching my major from Biology to Psychology when I return from NET! Some things I enjoy doing when my nose isn’t deep into a textbook are singing, dancing, going for long road trips and talking for hours with my friends. I decided to join NET because I have always had a yearning in my heart to minister to young people, and this year Jesus asked me if I loved Him more than my comforts, and how could I say no to Him? I know that this year will be full of challenges: mentally, physically, and spiritually, but I also am confident in the fruit it will yield. So I ask for your prayers as I embark on this journey, and if you feel called to financially donate, please consider joining in partnering with me on this mission! Thank you for visiting my page and I will keep all of you in my prayers throughout the year!

God bless, Mary-Anne