Daniel Perera, Dartmouth, NS

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 Hi there, my name is Daniel Perera from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. It's been 20 years since the day of my birth. I come from a family of three; myself, my mom and my dad whom I love very dearly. Speaking of love, I also love doughnuts and Jesus of course. That is really all I need to get through my day. This past year I was blessed to be apart of the Vancouver School board team in British Colombia and I am delighted to be returning to serve another year with NET Canada.   It's astounding what God has done in the youth we've encountered, but even more astounding is what He has done in my own heart. NET Canada's formation is not about creating good speakers- it is about forming intentional disciples. This year has provided me with invaluable life lessons of sacrificial love, discipline, prudence, trust, pure intention, community life and has given me the opportunity to see many lives changed. I am looking forward to doing it all over again! Please keep the mission, us and all whom we are about to encounter in your prayers! God Bless!