Shay Francis - Team Supervisor


Hello my name is Shay, my friends call me Shay for short.  I'm 21.4 years old 6' tall and I'm a hometown hockey boy from Speedy Creek (Swift Current, SK).  I grew up on a hobby farm and love outdoors, airsoft (like paintball, but more realistic), sports, oh and Taylor Swift.  

I have been to the University of Saskatchewan for a year of Engineering, and really enjoyed it, but was searching for something bigger and deeper.  I found my desires most fulfilled with a personal relationship with God, and experienced a gradual deepening with my first year as a missionary with NET Canada.  I was fortunate enough to be on a team with 10 other young people and we travelled across Canada putting on over 100 retreats for young people where I witnessed God change many lives.  After my first year I had a burning desire to continue to evangelize young people so I signed up for another year and another adventure and ended up on a travelling retreat team again.  Both years have been amazing and I want to continue to bring others to know Christ's love and mercy.  On staff, I hope to use the talents God has given me to guide and support missionaries on the teams I will be supervising. 

In order to make NET's mission of bringing youth to Christ possible many people give of their talents, treasure, and time.  You can give by financially supporting me and NET's mission, by your prayers, or both!  Financial resources and prayers are so important in helping thousands of young people encounter the love of Christ through the teams across the country.  Thank you for whatever you give to help change lives this year.  May God bless and reward you!

Yours in Christ through Mary,

Shay Francis