Rebecca Pruner - Recruiting Assistant


Hey! I’m Becca and I live just outside of Ottawa. I love gardening and being outside, and I have a passion for beauty- in art, movies,  in music, in nature...I served as a missionary for the past two years: my first year on a travelling team, then my second year in the Peace River region in Alberta. 

Being a missionary with NET has changed the direction of my life and really formed me into a disciple. What a beautiful gift it has been to have the opportunity to grow roots in this way! I joined NET to share my faith, but through that, I have had so many conversions to a deeper and deeper love for Jesus and the Church.   

I felt called to continue my journey with NET because I want to invite other young people into this deeper life of the Church. Most young people lose their faith by the time they leave high school, and NET challenges young Catholics to love Christ, and to embrace the life of the church. I believe this statement fits both the missionaries who join NET, and the young people the missionaries evangelize. I find great hope in that.

I would love to invite you into this mission as well! You can join the mission of NET through your financial support, as well as spiritual support through your prayers. Without the generosity of people like you, NET's mission is impossible!  If you give $50 or more, or support with a  monthly donation, I will send you updates and NET's quarterly newsletter! 

I pray that the Lord blesses you abundantly!