Pia Ocenar - Calgary, AB


Hi, I am Pia Ocenar, I am 23 years old and from Calgary, AB! I am currently working on a degree in history with the ultimate goal of becoming a high school teacher! I am taking a year off of school to do a NET year because I felt like God was calling me to something more than myself and to bring people, especially the youth, into a relationship with him!

Since I am so close to the Rockies, all my passions consist of anything that deals with the outdoors, from hiking to backcountry snowboarding! I also love teaching others about my passion which includes the outdoors and God, both compliment each other well.

If you would like, please consider joining the mission with me by supporting this mission financially. Also if you support me with $40 or more you would be getting a NET newsletter and a personal letter updating you on my throughout the year.

Thank you for visiting my page and you will be in my prayers.