Kristin Scott - Team Supervisor


Hello! I’m Kristin, I’m originally from PEI, but I’m relocating to Ottawa to serve as a team supervisor with NET’s mission staff! Fun fact time; I love roller coasters, the Lumineers, and Saint JPll! This is my 3rd consecutive year serving with NET Canada, my past 2 years being respectively on a school board team in Calgary, Alberta, and then on the travelling bilingual retreat team. 

My time with NET encountering young people has really opened my eyes to the real yearning that young people have for truth, a desire for something concrete. Through NET, I’ve been able to witness firsthand the actual change God can work in young people’s hearts through the revelation of His Truth. What an incredible opportunity I now have to form and oversee teams who are going out to proclaim this same truth, that Jesus loves us and desires to be in a relationship with each one of us!

While you may not be serving on NET, I really want to invite you to give to our mission of evangelization in other ways! NET Canada is literally kept afloat through the graces of your prayers and the consistency brought by your financial aid. Please consider partnering with me to be a co-missionary this year through a financial donation! Any amount helps, be that a one time donation, or a monthly pledge. I trust that the Lord will provide you with as much as He wants you to give! 

If you have any questions for me personally, you can reach me at 

I would also love to hear from you if you do discern to partner with me! For now, I just pray that you have an abundantly blessed day!