Kieran Gillespie, Media Assistant


Hello! My name is Kieran Gillespie, and I am from Surrey, BC. I love the outdoors, playing sports, music, and photography.

This past year, I served as a missionary with NET Canada on a team located in Northern Alberta. I had the privilege of putting on retreats for the youth, and building relationships with them while spending time in their schools. I witnessed many youth encounter Christ, and experienced tremendous growth, both spiritual and personal. 

As my year came to a close, I felt a strong calling to continue to serve with NET, this time on Mission Staff! I am excited to be continuing my journey with NET as a Media Assistant, and I look forward to the ways God is going to work this year!

I would like to invite you to partner with me in this mission! NET is a non-profit, and relies on the generosity of donors to carry out its mission. My personal goal this year is $7,800, and I would greatly appreciate your support, both financial and prayerful. If you donate $50 or more, or give monthly, you will receive the NET Newsletter and my personal letter updating you on my mission throughout the year. 

Thank you and God Bless,