Joshua Bruce - Retreat Ministry Coordinator


Hey there! Thanks for taking the time to consider supporting me and the thousands of young people who are affected by NET Canada. In fact, I am one of those young people whose life was changed by encountering Christ in NET Missionaries. I grew up in a small farm town called Bradford, just forty-five minutes north of Toronto. In Grade 7, a group of NET Missionaries stayed at my parish for a year and showed me what it meant to live a dynamic, joy-filled, and Catholic life. I had a genuine encounter with Christ and that is what you're supporting when you support me. I enjoy singing, watching movies, and spending time with the people I love. An important trait that I have is that when I like something, I like it a lot. For example, I'm a huge Star Wars fan which has led to my vast collection of Star Wars memorabilia. I also really enjoy a healthy dosage of sweet nectar brown( every day which has resulted in my collection of mugs. Even though the extensive trials and tribulations of being a Toronto Maple Leafs fan, my loyalty has been unwavering. Without a doubt, the best example of this trait is found in my faith.

Through my faith, I have come to believe that the underlying mission of my life is to love Christ and help others do the same. When I left high school, this mission was made manifest by my two years serving as a NET Missionary from 2012-2014. I spent the first year travelling "from sea to sea" (Psalm 72:8, Canada's motto) facilitating retreats, and the second year building up youth ministry at St. Thomas More Parish in Edmonton. Since then, I've worked as a prep cook, a mechanic, a carpentry labourer, a masonry labourer, a camp coordinator, and a line assembler. I even spent two years discerning the priesthood with the Companions of the Cross! Now, the Lord has called me back to where it all started.

This year, I have the honour to serve as a NET Mission Staff member. I will be a Team Supervisor, working directly with the NET Missionaries. To do this, I need your help.

When you boil it down, NET Canada is fueled by one main thing: Charity. First, we need spiritual charity. The prayers of all of our staff members, missionaries, and supporters keep us protected, focused, and attentive to God's will for the ministry. We also need monetary charity. As we respond to Christ's invitation to "make disciples of all nations"(Matthew 28:19), we need people like you to help us keep our bellies, gas tanks, and church pews full.

Are you able to support me with a monthly donation? When I left NET, I wanted so badly to still be connected with the mission and hear about what NET was doing. By donating to my friend who was serving with NET that year, I was able to do that! I was filled with hope every time I heard about the good things he was doing. With a donation of $40 or more, you'll receive a quarterly newsletter along with personal updates from me letting you know how lives are being changed because of your donation. Every little bit counts!

If you don't find yourself in a place where you can make a monetary donation, you can always give some spiritual donation! Pray for me and know that I'm praying for you. If you have any special intentions, feel free to e-mail me at 

In Christ through Mary, 

Joshua Bruce