Jacob Brown, Recruiting and Development Administrator


Hey friends,

I’m Jacob Brown from Halifax, Nova Scotia. I have two lovely parents who have raised my 7 younger siblings and I. In university, I was invited by God to grow in my relationship with Him and my life was never the same. Since then, I’ve had the privilege of inviting others to make the same choice I have to place God at the center of my life!

In 2017-2018 I was on a NET team that travelled across Canada. The 11 of us facilitated over 100 retreats and invited over 6000 youth to grow in their relationships with God. It was such a beautiful, life-changing year for me that I wanted to give other young adults the opportunity to have the same experience. That lead to me becoming the Recruiting Assistant for NET Canada in 2018-2019. I knew God was doing amazing things in my life because my experience with NET just kept getting better and better! My year as a Recruiting Assistant was the best year of my life; getting to live with 5 other men who were so holy and encouraging of my faith, inviting others into this mission, and getting to hear about how God has been working in people’s lives.

I knew God was calling me to Vancouver, and I wanted to continue giving to this mission all that I can because God has been working so extensively through it, so I proposed to create this position for myself in NET’s Western Office. As the Recruiting and Development Administrator, I have the privilege of meeting with and encouraging young adults to apply for this mission as well as raising support for our organization through the promotion of sponsorship. 

I am so thankful that God has provided me with this opportunity, and He’s providing you with an opportunity as well. I’ll be raising at least $14,400 each year to support my job and this mission and I would love for you to be a part of this it through both prayer and financial support. My Goal is to raise $1200 a month in monthly donations. Please consider supporting me on a monthly basis and ask God what He might be asking you to give.

May God bless you through your generosity - He certainly blesses me through it!

God Bless,
Jacob Brown