Hunter Langill - Divine Infant Parish Youth Coordinator


Hello cherished reader! If you’ve found your way to this page, welcome! Here is a tad bit about myself, I have spent approximately 11% of my life playing video games (this was made from an incredibly generous guess so don’t take my math for fact), I have been a diehard Boston Bruins fan for 76% of my life. I have been in love with musicals, especially Phantom of the Opera for 24% of my life. Conveniently I also have loved being involved in improv (winning a gold medal in it (weird flex, I know) for 24% of my life! I have spent 100% of my life having the honour of being the son of my wonderful parents whom I love dearly! I have been involved with NET for 9% of my life. I had the honour to spend 4.5% of that 9% in the lovely Peace Country doing ministry in the Holy Family Catholic Regional Division no.37 school board in Alberta. That place was just phenomenal, the people were amazing and so was the ministry. If you want to hear wild stories feel free to let me know, I'd like to share about it. I have spent the other 4.5% working in Divine Infant as a youth coordinator, which has also been amazing and I have decided to do another year of serving at Divine Infant! In order to do that I need to raise $7,800. If you donate $50 dollars or more or support me monthly, you will receive the NET Newsletter and personal letter updates from yours truly throughout the year! I hope you will consider joining me on this amazing mission to encourage young Catholics to encounter Christ! God bless and I hope you have a great day!