Gemma Hall, Minnesota, USA


Hi! I'm Gemma Hall, 21 years old and from Mendota Heights, MN, USA! Currently, I am a nanny and dental assistant and I enjoy spending quality time with my family, friends, and those I get to encounter in my day to day life. I enjoy hiking, camping, exploring Northern MN, and kayaking the many lakes and rivers. I am so excited to volunteer as a missionary with NET Canada next year and be part of this mission. I have always wanted to serve with NET Canada from an early age from hearing stories about the "north country" and how Jesus has worked in the hearts of those who have served Him in this mission. I have felt an inspiration to serve Jesus from my prayer life by asking Him what He wants of me this next year. It was very peaceful and made clear to me that this is how Jesus wants me to serve Him this next year. I am so excited to share in this way of life. Thanks for all your prayers and for supporting me, I am so grateful for your partnership. Know of my prayers for you! Thanks!